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PVC foam sheet/board is becoming the substitution of wood in many fields. It is made through foaming and pressing into shape with additives. The main material is PVC

  1. Unlike the wood alternative, the PVC Foam sheet requires no painting and treatment against pests, insects and rodents before installation.
  2. It also enhances the look of your roof by reducing the occurrence of distortion.

  1. It has a longer life span as compared to the wooden board.
  2. It is environmentally friendly.
  3. It has a natural white color, hence doesn't require painting.
  4. It is cost effective.

The PVC foam sheet is screwed to the roof frame with specially made screws to fasten the sheet onto the frame.

2800mm x 240mm x 10mm, 2800mm x 600mm x 10/15mm, 2800mm x 1200mm x 15mm

  1. Light weight, good tenacity, high rigidity.
  2. . Fireproof and flame retardant.
  3. Good insulation.
  4. No sopping, no deformation.
  5. Easily processed
  6. Good plasticity, being an excellent thermoform material.
  7. Sub-light surface and elegant vision.
  8. Anti-chemical corrosion.
  9. Suitable to silk screen printing.
  10. With imported dyes, unfading and anti-aging.
  11. It has straight joints.
  12. It varies in thickness.



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