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Pre-fabricated Heavy Steel Structures

Our structures are made of standard materials and in accordance with our standard design practices.We offer based on the consultant drawings provided to us.

  1. They are inherently durable and corrosion resistant. They can last for many years without having to restore the facility.
  2. Quality workmanship is undoubtable since they are prebuilt at the manufacturing facilities, and are built to meet all building codes and quality compliance.
  3. Our prefabricated steel structures and its modular panels are lightweight and portable compared to concrete structures. These panels can be easily reconfigured and moved.
  4. Our prefabricated steel structures are efficiently designed resulting in quick assembly and minimal waste during construction. This is because drilling, welding and cutting are all completed at the factory.
  5. Expansion has never been so easy! With our prefabricated steel structures, additions only require bolted connections and additional panels. The spaces within these prefabricated steel structures are appropriately utilized which means your space requirements can easily be met as the business grows.



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