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Angle Bars:

This is a metal bracket in the shape of a right angle, often known as a “L-bracket” or an “angle iron.” It’s made of galvanized steel and is frequently used in brickwork or welded or drilled onto various surfaces. Steel angle bar is a mild steel angle shape with inner radius corners that is appropriate for all structural applications, fabrication, and repairs.

Flat bars:

The most basic of building support materials is flat bar. Support braces, ladder hangers, gate latches, duct work, overhead doors, heaters, and bracing are common applications.

Flat bars are rectangular sections that are flat and have square edges of varied diameters. This low-cost steel product is used in a range of industries, including building, engineering, manufacturing, mining, grating, fabrication, and many more. The flat bar’s adaptability, along with steel’s high strength and formability, makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Steel bars from DBS Industries, one of the leading steel companies in Ghana, are fabricated to the highest industry standards.



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