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Three Facts About Steel You Need To Know

Composed of iron and carbon, steel is one of the world’s most versatile alloys. With its ability to withstand corrosion (thanks to the inorganic compound chromium oxide), heat, and pressure, it is used to make everything from cars and trucks to railroad tracks, nails, appliances, roofs and more. Today, we’re going to explore three fun facts about steel.

Steel Is 1,000 Times Stronger Than Iron

Steel itself is an alloy consisting primarily of iron with a small amount of carbon (as well as other trace elements). When compared to pure iron, though, steel is roughly 1,000 times stronger. Adding a small amount of carbon to steel significantly increases its tensile strength, resulting in a superior level of strength compared to pure iron.

Steel Is One of the World’s Most Recycled Materials

Most steel products and objects aren’t made of new steel. They are made of recycled steel. Statistics show steel has a global recycling rate of roughly 60%, meaning over half of all steel is recycled and reused. Steel is easy to recycle because it can be smelted down.

A Steel Roof Can Last for Over a Half-Century

Steel roofs have become increasingly common in recent years. While traditional shingle-covered woo roofs typically only last about 15 to 20 years, steel roofs can last for well over a half-century, making them a smart investment for homeowners and business owners.

Globally, steel production and fabrication grosses billions of dollars in revenue each year and after oil and gas, it’s the most in-demand resource and at DBS industries, we can boast of being one of the best steel companies in Ghana.

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