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Five signs that your home roof requires repair

Roof damage is a severe problem that can affect the structural integrity of any building. Unfortunately, some homeowners don’t know when it’s time to repair or make adjustments to their roofs. If you don’t identify early signs of damage and act accordingly, you may end up with a completely ruined roof. Here are clear signs that your DBS roofing needs attention.

Damaged shingles

Damaged shingles are probably the most obvious sign that your roof needs repair. If any of your shingles are missing, cracked, curling, dented, or have missing granules, they need to be repaired. If there are just a few spots of trouble, you probably don’t need to replace the entire roof.

Sagging roof

Your roof will have different degrees of pitch throughout, and that’s pretty normal. However, it should still be fairly straight along its lines. If you notice areas that are sagging or warped, you probably have a major problem going on. Call a professional roofing company ASAP to address the issue.

Algae or moss

There should not be moss or algae growing on your roof. If you notice dark spots, streaks, algae, or moss, then you probably have a moisture problem. The thick layer of moss or algae can trap the moisture and damage your shingles during the colder months. You can try to clean the algae off yourself, but it’s typically better left to a professional.

Leaking or water damage inside

Your roof is there to protect your home from the elements, and that’s especially true when it rains. If you notice you have leaks in the interior, you probably need roof repairs. Some of your flashings might need replacement if the problem is localized. If your roof is old, you should probably get it replaced entirely.

Peeled Paint

When moisture builds up near your roofline, it makes the paint peel off. This makes your roof have discoloured sections, which can be grey, yellow, or brown. Therefore, if you notice your roof paint colour is blistering at the end sides, you should get repair services.

Also, the discoloured parts of the walls next to the roof are a sign that you should repair your roof. Once the roof is fixed, remember to repaint the walls to restore the original appearance.

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