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Is it necessary to clean your roof?

The roof is the most important barrier between you and the weather. Neglecting it can lead to damages that may be expensive to repair and could cause loss of personal property. Doing at least an annual cleaning and inspection will go a long way to prevent long-term issues with the roof.


One reason to clean your roof is to extend the life of your shingles or other roofing material. Moss can make the edges of the shingles curl upward, making them more likely to blow off the roof during windy weather.

One of the drawbacks of roof cleaning is that it can be a hassle. You probably aren’t exactly thrilled about the idea of climbing up on the roof and hosing it down or using a chemical cleaner to kill off the algae or moss. We advise against any DIY work on your roof, including cleaning it. Roof cleaning is a job to be done by a professional.

Another potential issue with roof cleaning is that the cleaning product used (usually bleach) can harm any garden plantings or vegetation growing near your home. Your roofing contractor should water any nearby plants and cover them to protect from chemicals before cleaning the roof.


Sometimes the layer of algae and moss on a roof can make the shingles look like they are in worse condition than actual. A professional roofing contractor can inspect your roof and talk about its condition. If they think that cleaning it is the best option, they can either do the work themselves or direct you to a reputable roof cleaning company.

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