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Holiday outdoor light-hanging tips

It’s getting to the most wonderful part of the year. With the Christmas trees, gifts and all the loved ones around, there isn’t a holiday that brings so much joy to families around the world. When it comes to decorations, the most important part of the decoration is, without a doubt, the lights display.

Anyone can string up some Christmas lights, but you aren’t just anyone. Follow our tips to become the envy of your neighbours and leave them wondering how you made your house look like it’s straight out of a Christmas movie.


Extension ladders and step ladders must be sturdy and safe. Don’t climb on a rickety ladder, and never lean to the side of a ladder in an attempt to stretch farther than your arm’s reach. Instead, climb down and move the ladder over before continuing your job of hanging Christmas lights outside.

Design a lighting plan.

Whether you want a full-on wonderland or prefer a minimalist look, it’s wise to sketch out on paper or at least list the types of Christmas lights you want and where you’ll put them before you hit the store.

Measure Before You Buy

With a long measuring tape (50 feet, or longer), measure the distances where you will hang lights, such as along eaves, door and window frames, and the vertical corners of your home. Record the measurements so you don’t buy too many or too few lights.

Test the lights before hanging them.

Testing is more important if you are using stored Christmas lights from previous years, but even brand-new strands can be faulty. Plug in each strand individually. The last thing you want is to spend time hanging lights that don’t work!

Use an exterior-rated extension cord to plug in your lights.

Interior extension cords are not safe for outdoor use. To make your lighting even more secure, wrap a bit of tape around the plug-ins where the cords connect. This will reduce the chance of moisture getting into the plug and blowing a fuse or breaker.

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