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A DBS Contractor approaches you & asks for money, here’s what you do.

You’ve heard the rumours; we’ve heard the rumours.

They’re true. Thanks to the police, we were able to arrest about 3 people posing as fake DBS employees in order to dupe unsuspecting customers.

We’re here to reassure our current and potential customers that we are aware of this and have taken steps to bring all imposters to book.

Please desist from handing over money to any individual to make payment for an invoice given by DBS Industries Ltd in the hopes of getting your building roofed, or for payment of any of our steel fabrication, concrete or roofing products

Our authorized modes of payments include;

– Cash payment at any of our branches near you.

– Cash deposits into our legitimate bank accounts.

– Bankers’ draft/cheque payment/e-banking.

Take Note: No customer should hand over money directly to any staff or contractor of DBS Industries Ltd.

Save this blog or take a screenshot of it. You never know when it’ll come in handy.

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