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The Pros and Cons of repairing your roof vs replacing it

You’ve decided to get proactive about your roof maintenance, but you have also discovered something every homeowner dreads; damage to your home’s roof. Do you need a full roof replacement or only some repairs? Let’s take a look at what to consider when deciding to repair or replace your roof

How Old Is Your Roof?

When evaluating the pros and cons of roof repair versus roof replacement, you first want to consider the age of your current roof. If it’s over 15 years old and your roof is afflicted with torn or missing shingles, holes, or leaks, it may be best to replace your roof.

Pro for Roof Replacement: You will have peace of mind with a new roof, and your torn or missing shingles, or leaks will no longer be a concern.

What’s your Budget?

The next thing to consider when determining if you should repair your roof or replace it, is your budget. If your home’s roof is still in the early stages of its lifespan, you should ask if repairs to the roof would be sufficient to fix the problems.

Pro for Roof Repair: If repairs are all that’s needed and you know you otherwise should have several years left in your current roof, your budget will thank you.

How many times have you patched areas of your roof?

Consistent problems are another reason to examine whether or not repairs are a good option for your roof. Continuous problems could lead to bigger issues that extend beyond just your roof.

Pro for Roof Replacement: Fully correcting the problem(s) by replacing the roof will eliminate these ongoing headaches and properly address your roofing issues. DBS Industries is one of the best roofing sheet companies in Ghana for this. Kindly reach out to us for expert work.

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