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The process of installing a roof

Let’s assume that materials and other structural variables have already been settled, and we’re moving directly to the process of building the roof. Our roof construction is going to involve four general categories. There will be many tasks in each category, but knowing these four steps will go a long way toward enhancing our understanding of roofing.


The most basic and rudimentary first step toward building a roof is having a frame in place, and if this isn’t done correctly, a whole catalogue of future problems come into play.


This is the first solid layer of roofing material attached to the frame of the roof. The sheath most often consists of wood panelling cut with precision and carefully attached to the trusses of your roof’s frame.

Installing the “underlayment”

The second (and very important) layer of protection is known as underlayment. It is often made from a material called roofing felt, which is an asphalt product that resembles tar paper. As you can imagine, the primary purpose of this layer is to waterproof your roof.

Installing the roof cover

The outer layer of roofing, consisting of shingles, is known as the roof cover. This is your first line of defence against wind, rain and other elements. 

If you’re planning on roofing your home or any construction project between now and December 31st, avoid problems by contracting with a respected roofer like DBS Industries LTD. We care about your overall experience and we are service-oriented. We also use good materials, employ expert roofers, and are punctual with scheduling and budgeting concerns. Save time, money and stress by understanding something about roofing in advance!

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