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Signs of a Reliable Roofer

If you’re hiring a contractor to work on your home, it goes without saying that you want to work with a reliable company. This is especially true of roofing contractors, you don’t want to be stuck with a half-finished roof, nor do you want someone to take your money and run.

Here are some indicators of reliability that you can look for when you’re interviewing roofing companies: 

Accurate Roof Assessments

Does your roofing contractor make an effort to act as a resource by giving you honest recommendations and assessments, even if that means they won’t make a whole lot of money? Trustworthy roofers will tell you if you don’t need a new roof, and are willing to sacrifice short-term profit to build a relationship with their customers.

Fairly-Priced Estimates

A reliable roofing company will give you an estimate in writing up-front, detailing the cost of all materials, the time frame for completing work, and the breakdown for any additional fees. Beware of companies that quote you a low price just to gain your business and hit you with “unexpected” costs later on.

No High-Pressure Tactics

Avoid any roofing contractor who gives you a quote and then starts applying pressure to get a contract signed right away. An ethical roofer understands that paying for roof repairs or a replacement is a major expense and they want you to make an informed decision on who to hire. After giving you a fairly-priced estimate, they’ll advise you to compare quotes, workmanship quality, reputation and warranties before you sign a contract.

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