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Roofing tips
Roofing tips

Roofing tips no one ever told you about. Use these tips to ensure your roof lasts longer.

We’ve all heard the saying a roof over your head, right? Yes that’s because of what a roof does, it keeps us safe, warm and most importantly away from the mercy of mother nature and climate change.

So for something that’s a pillar in our daily lives and we can’t possibly live without, not a lot of us actually realize we need to return the favor to our roofs and take care of them from time to time. When you think about it, even the strongest of things needs to be cared for at some point in time. We compiled a few tips you can use to keep your roof 100% healthy.

Check Your Roof Once A Year: Yes it’s hot these days, it’s not just you who has been thinking about it. Sure, we can beat the heat by using our fans or an air condition, but our poor roofs are left at the mercy of the scorching sun. What the sun does to your roof is, it expands during very hot periods and when the sun goes away, your roof contracts as it cools. Now this being done repeatedly may have an effect on your roof’s overall health. So, a quick inspection on your roof by any skilled contractor, at least once a year is a definite must.

Always Keep Your Rain Gutters Clean: No one has to tell you the effects of a choked gutter, you see it all the time when it rains right? Now you wouldn’t want that happening on top of your roof, would you?  The thing about water is, it always finds a way to a destination and that destination could be your room or somewhere unexpected. So, making sure your rain gutters are clear of debris, twigs and all that stuff is the best way to keep your roof healthy. A clean & functional rain gutter also protects your roofing sheets from being ripped off by preventing the wind from directly hitting them. If you haven’t purchased one for your roof, here’s a reminder to do so.

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