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A brief guide on Prefabricated Steel Structures and why you should use them more for your projects

Over the years, the construction industry has experienced a lot of developments. Today, concrete and wood are not the only major materials that can be used in construction. More and more people are now moving towards metals and alloys such as steel, for their construction projects. Chances are you might have heard about prefabricated buildings or prefabricated steel structures, but you don’t exactly know what they are or why they’re equally a good choice for your project.

Prefabricated Steel Structures are buildings whose components are designed and manufactured at a factory and then later set up at the desired construction site. These buildings are made using the best resources and methods that efficiently follow structural construction requirements. They consist mainly of a building’s roof, structural sub-systems, and its exterior frames (wall and deck panels). Other accessories may be added according to the design of the building and its purpose.

Steel, an alloy of iron & carbon, is often the preferred alloy for these structures because of its many properties which make it a good choice for building residential & commercial projects. If you have a construction project, here is why you should consider opting for prefabricated buildings.

In recent times Prefabricated structures have been used for almost every type of project. e.g., heavy industrial buildings, bridges, airport terminals, heavy industrial plants, warehouses, showrooms, supermarkets, office buildings and storage units among others.

  1. Easy to Assemble: Since these structures are assembled on site by bolting, it is possible to dismantle them to rebuild at a new location whenever you’d like to, as compared to traditional construction projects which otherwise would have to be torn down completely.
  2. Environmentally friendly: Since steel is a recyclable material, your building materials can be repurposed/used for other projects when you no longer have any use for your building.
  3. Cut to precision: Prefabricated Structures also reduce wastage of materials in both construction and deconstruction because all planning and measurement are done during the manufacturing process at the factory. This allows builders to know the amount of material they may or may not use and plan according to that.
  4. Strength & Durability: As an alloy of two of the strongest metals (iron & carbon), it is no secret that this is what steel is known for. Prefabricated structures can withstand the harshest of weather conditions (strong winds, earthquakes, etc). This is because the inherently ductile and flexible nature of steel which allow it to bend under extreme load instead of crushing. Unlike wood structures as well, Prefabricated structures can’t be affected by termites, mildew or mold.
  5. Minimal after-construction maintenance: When it comes to after-construction maintenance, prefabricated steel structures require relatively minimal maintenance. They are able to maintain their appearance throughout the lifespan of the building because of the quality of raw materials used.
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