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Important things to consider when choosing a roof colour

Choosing the right colour for your roof can be a little intimidating, after all, once the roof is installed there’s no going back, so getting it right is important. The following are some of the things you should consider when choosing the roof colour.

The Local Climate

Aside from aesthetic appeal, your roof’s colour also has a significant effect on your home’s temperature. Light-coloured shingles reflect sunlight best, helping to keep your home’s temperature cool during hot weather. Meanwhile, dark-coloured shingles absorb more heat, which makes your home warmer. Choose a colour that will not only look beautiful but also contribute to the comfort of your home.

Permanent Components of Your Exterior

When choosing a colour, it’s important to take into account your current exterior colour palette. You don’t want your roof sticking out like a sore thumb. Take inspiration from the colours of your windows and siding, and choose a shade that best complements them. For more visual impact, you can choose contrasting colours. Remember that your roof is one of the biggest surfaces of your home so choosing a bold shade may not be the best approach. You can consult a roofing expert like us for colour and material suggestions.

Your Home’s Architectural Style

Not all colours work on all home styles. For instance, traditional homes look best with dark, classic roof colours rather than bold shades. Determine your home’s style and choose a colour that will best highlight its unique features. Your colour choice also affects your home’s architecture. Light colours can visually enlarge your home, while dark ones do the opposite.

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