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3 roof problems that require urgent attention

As a protective barrier over houses, a well-built roof is expected to be durable and long-lasting. However, sometimes you’ll notice your roof seems to need some attention due to ageing, poor maintenance or severe weather conditions. While a professional roofing contractor must make the final decision, you as the homeowner can learn to identify issues that require immediate, professional roof repair. Here are three roof problems that require urgent attention:

A visibly sagging roof

A sagging roof is a sign of a structural issue, caused by either the foundation of your structure or the roof deck. If you notice such, you should get your roofing service provider to assess the situation, determine the cause of the drooping and repair it.

Water leakage

The important thing to remember when identifying leaks in your roof is that the leak is only a symptom of the bigger problem. So temporarily fixing the leak won’t cut it. A roof leak usually indicates cracked or broken shingles of tiles or compromised flashing. No doubt this will need professional care as soon as possible.

Mould and fungi growth

Organic growths are easy to notice because they create unsightly, dark marks on the surface of your roof. Unfortunately, there’s no way to mould- or fungi-proof your roofing system, but investing in professional roof cleaning can rid you of the issue. As experienced roofers, we recommend a complete roof cleaning service at the first sign of mould or fungi growth.

If you notice a problem or want to get your roof evaluated to check its condition, call DBS Industries today.

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